Hardening Computer System

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How to harden the computer system? It is easy to harden the security of your computer system. Running on the Microsoft Windows System. Perform Windows Update Perform Anti-Virus Update Set Password Policy Close or disable unused port and service Perform Windows Update Please do not use the system that Microsoft […]

Malware Attack

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How can we protect ourselves against Malware Attack? The Answer is NO way to protect 100%. We need to understand how is the attack being carried out. Malware comes from the following source Email attachment (.exe,.com and any executable file) and phishing email. Download program: especially freeware. Usually, install more […]


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Ransomware is computer malware that encrypts the victim’s working files. The attacker will ask the victim for ransom to decrypt the victim’s files. Please note that there is no promise that the victim’s file can be recovered even the ransom is paid. Once the file is being encrypted, there is […]