Computer Networking


Why does your computer network need to be in the domain?

The below article is written based on my past years of experience, it does represent any party or company.

In Windows Server, we can promote the server to be a domain controller. As a domain controller, the server will take care for user login, access rights, resource rights, control user usage (installation of program and other) and other functions.

There several factors that determine the use of the domain controller.

  1. Security – To control the flow of data and user usage
  2. Too many users in the network (More than 10 and user do not have security awareness)
  3. To host a special program (accounting, database or internal web services)
  4. Need a control mechanism for the company.

1. Better user management of computer in the organization
2. Secure the data you want to protect.
3. Use the Role-Based model to control data flow.
4. With Active Directory, manage users’ rights in a single console.

1. Higher setup cost than Workgroup
2. Require a specialist to manage the server
3. Documentation needs to update (which is seldom done)

From my experience, a server with proper configuration is worth spending to protect your company valuable data.