Computer Security

Hardening Wireless Network

Most of the user is running dynamic IP Address provided by the Public Internet Provider but some users required static IP Address for their usage.

Whether you are using static or dynamic IP Address, we should harden our wireless network against wardriving. I will explain more about wardriving in the future.

Wardriving may lead to comprises of your network security, access speed and you may face the law if the person does something illegal using your network.

How to harden the Wireless Network?

SSID : Please do use something that does not expose your identity. Example: company name, address or unit number. Hide the internal SSID id preferred but it can be troublesome.

Encryption : AES is preferred, so all data is encrypted.

Network Key : min 8 alphanumerics with a special character when possible (Change frequently). The longer and more complex the better for the passcode, as the time to crack it, will be longer too.

Power and Coverage : Power and coverage: Place the router in the center of the intended area to provide better coverage, do not place router too close to the perimeter of your premises. This is to reduce the risk of being wardrive.

Low-end Router and Access Point usually last for 2 years, please change the hardware.

Some better router does segregate the internal user and guest user. In this setting, we can prevent the guest from entering the internal network.

Usually, non-IT professional will not test the testing to verify the configuration. Misconfiguration is a major concern for wardriving.