Malware Attack

How can we protect ourselves against Malware Attack?

The Answer is NO way to protect 100%.

We need to understand how is the attack being carried out.

  1. Malware comes from the following source
    1. Email attachment (.exe,.com and any executable file) and phishing email.
    2. Download program: especially freeware. Usually, install more than 1 program
    3. Unsecured site: Porn site, illegal Gambling Site, illegal download site (Music, Movie, and Software)
  2. What can Malware do to our system?
    1. ATP (C&C) Attack
    2. Exploit vulnerabilities of system and network
    3. Steal valuable information
    4. Lock your file and hold you ransom (Ransomware)
    5. Delete your files and alter your data.
  3. Ways to prevent Malware
    1. The computer system needs to be updated with patches.
    2. End-Protection needs to be updated too. (Anti-Virus Program, Network equipment need to update too against equipment vulnerabilities.
    3. Turn on audit log to track the attack.
    4. Educate end user on self-protection against Malware and other attacks.


There is no perfect system as a human being is the weakest link. Have a sound backup system and backup plan to recover quickly after an attack.