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Password Protection

It is such a common item and yet it is so important but many users to know how to protect it.


Do we miss out these steps?

  1. Is your password secure?
    • Min. 8 alphanumerics with a special character and mix with upper and lower case
    • Did I use the same password across all my software and device?
  2. What is the last time I had to change my password?
    • Change password monthly or 3 months once.
    • A password cannot be repeatedly used.
  3. Did I write down the password and put it somewhere in the eye of the public?
    • Did I stick my passwords in front, back or side of my monitor?
    • Did I write it on a piece of paper and put it under my keyboard?
  4. Did I share my password with someone?
    • Am I sharing an application password with my colleagues?
    • It is not wise to share the password with your loved one, once the relationship turns sour, anything can just happen.