AttackComputer Security


Ransomware is computer malware that encrypts the victim’s working files. The attacker will ask the victim for ransom to decrypt the victim’s files.

Please note that there is no promise that the victim’s file can be recovered even the ransom is paid.

Once the file is being encrypted, there is almost impossible to decrypt the affected files.

My client being hit by ransomware in one of the end-user systems. As the files are stored in the shared folder, the malware spread like wildfire. As there is no one noticed the attack, it does not stop in time. To make matter worse, the backup file is being replaced and there are no other working copies. My client had no choice but to use the backup which is 1 month ago. The loss is tremendous.

One of the ways is to have a sound backup plan. 3 generations backup process should be in place in order to cut down the loss.