Computer Networking

Computer Cabling

Currently, there are several types of cable used for the computer network.

Wired Cable
Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP), Foil Twisted Pair (FTP) and Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)

Usually, a small computer will use UTP Cat 6e for their network. The difference between Cat6e and Cat5e.
Cat6e speed 250 Mhz
Cat5e speed 100 Mhz

Cat5e and Cat6e cable can be used for telephony and CCTV too.
Please note UTP had a length limit of 100m

Cat 5e is cheaper compared to Cat 6e

The quality of the cable is very important as some OEM brand have very thin copper wire in it, this will cause the problem in a few years time. Some cables are too thin or too fat that is unable to fit into RJ45.

There is a difference between Cat5e and Cat6e RJ45 and Jack too. Some cable installer does not know the difference. They will use Cat5e RJ45 and Jack instead of Cat6e RJ45 and Jack for Cat6e cable. The cost of the RJ45 and Jack can be a lot of difference. To me, the usage of proper type is worth as there is a huge difference in performance.