Computer Networking


What is Workgroup?

This article is just my personal opinion over the year of experience.

Depend on the objective you required,

  1. Is security a primary concern?
  2. Is there a competence administrator in your company?
  3. What is downtime you can afford when the domain controller server is down?
  4. Do your staffs have sufficient computer usage training?
  5. How many computer will be accessing shared resources at the same time?

A workgroup is meant for less than 10 computers in the network. In the past, only 10 computers can assess to a single at the same time. I did not try on the new Windows 10 workgroup. Is it still the same limitation, I will need to try?

In Workgroup, every computer is a peer. It is also called the peer-to-peer network.
1. Easy to manage and setup (Maybe)
2. Low setup cost
3. No need a system administrator stationed in the office

1. As the managing of computers is done individually. As the computer user may have full access right. Updating of Windows security patch and anti-virus is hard to monitor and push down.
2. Posed security when shared folder is unable to have full control.
3. Very hard to secure confidential in a shared folder.

I will add on more point in the future.