25 August 2020

Incorporated in 2005, WCN (S) Pte Ltd offers affordable yet effective support and solutions, with an emphasis on IT-related services, to all small and medium businesses. As such, WCN (S) Pte Ltd is determined to provide the best solution in terms of efficiency and sustainability for our clients.

Many business owners, especially small and medium-sized companies, are facing an uphill battle where the end is nowhere to be seen anytime soon due to Convid-19. As such, Companies need to think out of the box to survive through this crisis. Embracing the power of IT will change how the business operate, extending  their services and products out of Singapore. This is where WCN (S) Pte Ltd comes into play. By offering our services, we strive to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ companies, especially in these trying times

Professional services and consultancy

  1. Information security consultancy and audit services
  2. Big Data consultancy and infrastructure setup
  3. Artificial Intelligence consultancy and deployment
  4. Computer Network solution
  5. Computer system revamp solution and services
  6. Web-based and mobile business solution
  7. Digital payment consultancy
  8. Closed-circuit surveillance system

WCN (S) Pte Ltd is trying to extend and develop its professional services relationship with other business sector partners. Thus, your role in the team will require you to seek contact and alias with potential business partners, as well as handling administrative duties.

Job Description

  1. Establish initial contact with potential business partners
    • Cold calling, Email follow-up
  2. Social media updates and response
    • Facebook, Website, WhatsApp, WeChat
  3. Business partner profiling
  4. Focus on Computer System Revamp, Internet Security Software, Document Collaboration 
  5. Other Ad-hoc duties


  1. Love to challenge and feel good about reward.
  2. Be part of the team. Team Spirt is important.
  3. Able to communicate with business partner via computer and mobile phone
  4. Highly organized and able to prioritise workloads
  5. Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Words and Powerpoint
  6. Able to speak and write in English proficiently.
  7. High level of proficiency in languages other than English is an advantage
  8. Basic understanding of IT products and service is an advantage
  9. Basic understanding of accounting will be an advantage

Working environment and hour

  1. Flexible arrangement
    – Office
    – Work from home
  2. Result orientated. 

Feel free to ask.