Desktop Support

As business heavily relies on computer systems for their daily operation, the computer system notebook cannot afford to be offline or down. As connectivity get more complicated as the day goes by, system support personnel need to be compliant and capable to provide solutions for client’s operational issue.

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O2O Services

Online to Offline data collaboration is a feature of getting your data anytime anywhere.

Working with Dropbox Business provides collaboration of corporate data to internal and external users.

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Cyber Security

Safeguard ones IT properties and data is one of the most important aspect in recent years. Protecting business data and customer data is an important part of the business.

Reputation and monetary loss is unable to foreseen once there is a breach of system and data is lost or being leaked out to the public, worst fall into the wrong hand.

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Digital Marketing

From website, blog, email, e-commerce and mobile app, these are some example of interaction we do daily with Internet. Business relies on Internet to get connected with their suppliers and customers.

A good website will let your targeted audiences know what kind of products and services your business are providing.

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Essential Protection

All end point system in the environment need some form of protection against virus, malware, malicious code and other bad thing.

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IT Infrastructure

We deal with computer infrastructure and telecommunication environment. We provide professional advise to our clients, layout the pros and cons of different solutions.

We ensure that we provide the most professional solution to meet your requirements.

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Office Relocation

Client that relocate their operation to another premises.

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