Desktop Support

As business heavily relies on computer systems for their daily operation, the computer system, notebook, mobile phone and tablet cannot afford to be offline or down. As connectivity get more complicated as the day goes by, system support provider needs to be compliant and capable to provide solutions for client’s operational issue.

The common issue included: unable to login to the system, backup data, inflicted by malicious code and other more.

System maintenance and educate user are the top priorities to ensure daily operation is uninterrupted. The system needs to be maintained by professionals. 

Educating user to identify phishing email, raise alert to a suspicious email, virus scanning of the external USB drive.


The following are the type of services and charges:

  • Ad-Hoc service on Desktop Support Service – $90.00 / hour (min. 2 hours per trip)
  • Emergency Ad-Hoc Desktop or Server Service – $180.00 / hour (min. 2 hours per trip, within 2 hours response time)
  • Information System Security Consultation – $199.00 / hour (min. 2 hours per trip) 
Non-office hours will incur surge charge 2.0x
- Monday to Friday after 1800hr to 0800hr next day
- Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday

Description of Service (for single Computer System)Charges Applied
Desktop Service
1. Resolve email or Internet issue
2. Resolve file Sharing not working
3. Resolve computer system unable to start
4. Resolve unable to print
5. Resolve connecting to a domain controller issue
Minimum 2hr / trip
$90.00 / 60 min
Reformat Service
1. Reinstallation of Microsoft Windows Operating System
2. Windows Updating
3. Reconnect network and printer
4. Reinstall Licensed software under Client’s Title
$180.00 / PC
Microsoft Server Service
1. Install the Server software
2. Windows Update
3. Promote to Domain Controller
4. Create the shared folder and user access right
5. Administer user right and access
$360.00 / Trip
Linux Server Service
1. Installing of Server Operating Software
2. Create the shared folder and user access right
$360.00 / Trip
Web hosting and Email Hosting
1. Shared Hosting
2. Dedicated Hosting
3. Cloud Hosting
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