IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure is the basic building block of communication. IT Infrastructure made up 2 main parts: Hardware and Software

Hardware: server, router, switch, firewall, intrusion detection system, computer system and cabling

Software: Operating System, customized software and other network related software

Sharing resources in a network environment cannot be achieved without IT Infrastructure. Businesses require information to be exchange effectively with confidentiality, integrity, availability and non-repudiation.

Routers and switches are devices which allow one or more computers to be connected to each other. However, routers and switches are not designed to be security devices. Unlike Firewall, Network Intrusion Detection Device, Network Intrusion Prevention Device and others perform security functions

Promotion Package

  • Wire Cable installation
  • Wireless configuration

IT Infrastructure

Wired networking uses regular copper wire for connection such as UTP, FTP, STP, Cat 5, Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat7. Fibre Optics can also be used in high-speed data transmission is required.

Installation of cable can be done by an electrician or engaging WCN Professional Service.

Basic Package Promotion: small office setup  with 5 points (Max. Office Area under 1000sqft)

3M Cat 6e UTP Cable + Plastic Trunking + Faceplate and backplate + Termination connector

Price: $642.00


A wireless network is a connecting device with IEEE 802.11 standard technologies (a, b, g, n and ac).

A simple office setup will require a Wireless Router and Computer with Wireless Network Card Support.

Usually, a notebook or tablet will come with WiFi capability. It is the desktop need to be cautious as some model do not in-built Wireless Network Card

A Workgroup is created to be able to share resources.

Professional Configuration charge : $107.00 per computer system (min. enagement unit : 02)

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